“Whether you call it home or look forward to spending a vacation or business trip here, Oregon has what it takes to delight, intrigue, relax, entertain, and challenge you.”

These words were taken from the Oregon.gov website and they are a perfect summary for the state of Oregon. Our state offers you lovely beaches to explore, beautiful mountains to climb and ski, lakes and rivers by which you can relax, and cities that offer riches in art and culture. There is no shortage of things to do and see in Oregon.

 Why We Love Portland

Portland lies in the beautiful Willamette Valley, with the ocean just 78 miles to the West and Mt. Hood only 65 miles to the east. Coupled with a mild climate, our location gives rise to many types of recreation. Biking, fishing, golfing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding and windsurfing are among the popular choices.
We enjoy 37,000 acres of parks and green spaces, including sizeable chunks of prime downtown real estate. Our 5,000-acre Forest Park is the largest forested natural area within city limits in the nation. It has a 40-mile loop path for hiking and running and over 20 miles of trails for biking.
The endless variety of parks, festivals and things to do make Portland both the perfect community for raising a family and an appealing place for single people. Portland is a open-minded and friendly city that embraces diversity. Our community is concerned with staying aware of today’s issues and many people are actively involved with volunteer organizations. There are many opportunities for new energy.
 Our legal community is small enough to maintain a collegial and cooperative feel. This is a place where new attorneys can still make a mark professionally and civically.
Northwest cuisine is inspired by the bounty of the region. Portland’s world-class chefs revel in creating menus from locally harvested produce, nuts and seafood. Oregon’s climate is ideal for growing excellent wines and there are many fine wineries within an hour’s drive of Portland. Our city is recognized for our craft-brewing as well and offers a variety of locally crafted beers. Beer is not the only thing brewing – it’s been said that you can’t walk more than a few blocks in any direction without bumping into a local brew pub or a specialty coffee shop.
Portland has an impressive variety of art house cinemas, performance spaces, galleries and outdoor sculpture to enjoy. Our performing arts offer ballet, Shakespeare, Broadway musicals, modern dance and much more. Whether your interests lay in our world famous jazz festivals or the critically acclaimed Oregon Symphony, the Portland Art Museum or the Ming Dynasty-style Portland Classical Chinese Gardens, there is plenty to take in.
Children can discover the performing arts at the Northwest Children’s Theater and School and the Oregon Children’s Theatre, or take a more interactive approach at the Children’s Art Museum.
Edgier performances and art can be found at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art and the Northwest Film Center.
Portland’s award winning mass transit system is one of the most extensive and advanced in the U.S. It includes buses and the MAX, an urban light rail line, as well as a downtown transit mall and free-ride zone.
 Portland boasts 245 miles of bikeways: 29 miles of bicycle boulevards and 156 miles of lanes!

  • keen urban planning,
  • exceptional transit system,
  • bike friendliness,
  • clean air,
  • affordability,
  • unparalleled natural beauty,
  • short, easy-to-stroll city blocks,
  • vibrant character,
  • diverse neighborhoods,
  • and historic charm.

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