The Oregon Legal Recruiters Association (“OLRA”) was established in 1997 and consists of members from the Portland, Salem and Eugene area law firms and law schools. The purpose and objectives of OLRA are:

  1. To promote the quality, representation and reputation of the legal recruiting and law career services professions.
  2. To promote the exchange of information regarding the administration and management issues particular to legal recruitment and placement.
  3. To encourage the spirit of community, cooperation and support among its members.
  4. To educate law students, attorneys and legal organizations regarding the value and availability of legal recruiters and career services personnel.
  5. To develop educational programs and collect information of value to our members.
  6. To adhere to the Principles and Standards of NALP, the National Association for Law Placement, and support the goals and programs where consistent with this organization.
  7. To support the Oregon State Bar Diversity & Inclusion Department’s mission of promoting respect for the rule of law, by improving the quality of legal services, and by increasing access to justice. The Program serves this mission by striving to increase the diversity of the Oregon bench and bar to reflect the diversity of the people of Oregon, by educating attorneys about the cultural richness and diversity of the clients they serve, and by removing barriers to justice.
  8. To support the American Bar Association’s goal IX, the purpose of which is “to promote the full and equal participation in the profession by minorities, women and persons with disabilities.”